Flash, lights, and real estate delights

Photography is a decisive factor in the real estate world. The pictures will draw in your potential buyer and bring in future listings. Quality presentations could either make you or break you as a real estate agent. It sets real estate agents apart in this very competitive market, and honestly, which agent do you prefer, the one with mediocre pictures or professional magazine quality photographs? Therefore, as a real estate agent, what things should you take into consideration when taking pictures?

Well, begin by touring the property and hold the flash. Plan your photographs and focus on the areas of the property you would like to feature. Reflect on the lighting, camera angles, and details of the rooms that you would want to keep or remove. Please keep in mind that planning will save you time in the long run. In general, a lot of people when they arrive at properties, start automatically taking pictures. They end up with over 100 photos hoping to get at least ten good ones. By planning, you are ensuring quality from the start which means fewer pictures. If you take 20 pictures, you have 20 quality photographs that you can work with and edit.

Another thing to take into consideration is focusing on the rooms you have selected. Some owners believe it is important to photograph every single room, but less is more. Not every room, closet, garage, attic, etc., need to be shot. Focus on the areas that bring out the best of the property.

Also, make sure to turn all lights and remove anything within the room that would divert unnecessary attention. Remember, you aren’t there to clean and organize, but eliminating and adjusting minor details for your shot will make a big difference. Take the above picture, for example, the newspaper, lemons, and lettuce within the image gives a touch of "this is a functional kitchen, and the desired location to spend my mornings."

Lastly, take advantage of the time you are on the property to review your pictures before leaving. Make sure that you got the best quality for your quantity.

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